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There are many laws governing immigration that you should comprehensively understand. There are more than can be accounted for by an individual desiring to enter the United States, but having a general overview of the process and the laws that are related to immigration can help you through the process. For further information on these laws, contact a lawyer from our firm at your convenience.

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All of these areas of immigration law are complex and technical, which is why enlisting the help from our lawyers at Musa Obregon & Associates can improve your situation immensely. For further information on any of the following topics, click on the links:

The various types of visas - from visiting/tourist visas to student visas - can be issued to nonimmigrants and immigrants. The type of visa to be administered depends on your situation and reason for entering the United States. A visa is a permit into the port of entry of a country for a specified amount of time and it often contains rules and restrictions.

Business Immigration
If you desire to relocate to the United States for a work-related reason, this is called business immigration. Business immigration gives you a certain amount of time to stay in the country which will allow you to complete your necessary work. You will be required to obtain a B-1 business visitor visa.

If you have been denied membership into the United States, you can make an appeal. Denials of green cards, visas and citizenship can warrant an appeal. Immigration status can be rejected for many different reasons and if you feel you have been denied for an unjustified reason, appeal the claim.

Family Immigration
If you desire to obtain a visa through the assistance of a family member, there are specific steps that must be taken. Family immigration can reconnect your immediate family members if your child is born within the United States to non-citizen parents. There are many important things to remember, such that some family-based visas are unlimited.

Green Card
A green card can give you access to the country of the United States. You will also receive resident status and will be able to live without fear of unwarranted deportation. It is important to understand the qualifications that are necessary to receive a green card.

Adjustment of Status
Filing for an adjustment of status is a step to modify your status of residency in the United States. If you are a legal permanent resident and desire to become a rightful citizen, an adjustment of status can be made. An immigration lawyer can help you with this step.

The first step to obtaining citizenship is having a green card. Citizenship allows you the ability to vote for the President of the United States and gives you other rights as well. You will not face deportation as you would have under a visa. Anyone can achieve this dream as long as you press forward.

Student Visas
Students can obtain a visa for their time in the United States. These visas are for those wishing to study abroad at one of America's universities. It is important to apply early when obtaining a student visa. You must have already been accepted to the university to apply for a student visa.

Visiting the USA
The United States has many opportunities for tourists. If you wish to visit and/or tour the USA, you can apply for a tourist visa. This is an easier process than applying for a visa for a longer stay.

Do you need assistance with immigration laws?

At Musa Obregon & Associates, we desire to help our clients in any way possible. We have a lot of experience helping clients through their immigration situations in both English and Spanish. Call our firm today to find out how we can assist you through the immigration process.

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