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Criminal Defense Attorney

The threat of being convicted of a crime can cause a lot of fear to come about for those who have been arrested or accused of crime. Arrest and criminal accusations are great causes for concern because they can affect ones' future in a negative way. A conviction can lead to heavy fines that one may not be able to pay, long term jail sentences, and probation that restricts one from truly living their life. One of the most pressing concerns to many individuals is that they might end up with a criminal record, which can restrict their access to many jobs or housing situations they would otherwise be able to attain. If the concern involves an immigrant, they may have greater penalties to pay. Deportation can come about from a simple criminal act that would typically have a minor penalty.

Areas of Criminal Defense Practice

If you are concerned that an arrest or criminal charge will become a conviction and damage your future, contact a lawyer from our firm at once. At Musa Obregon & Associates, we can help you defend your rights and achieve a level of peace that otherwise would be unattainable. We can defend your criminal issues that involve the following crimes:

Drug Crimes
Drug crimes are taken very seriously, even if they have no appearance of harming another individual. If you are accused of the possession, cultivation, or distribution of an illegal drug or of a legal drug distributed in an illegal manner, you should enlist the help of a lawyer. You will need strong defense as conviction of this crime can hinder your future profitability.

Internet Crimes
Have you been charged with a crime that relates to an internet offense? You can be charged with an internet sex crime or other internet crime that you might have not even known was an offense. It is difficult to keep up with the changing laws governing internet offenses on ones own, so the help of a knowledgeable lawyer during this situation could be very beneficial.

Juvenile Crimes
Juvenile offenders can be prosecuted for committing crimes of many different sorts. The main difference is that rehabilitation is the focus placed on juvenile punishment and juveniles are often not required to face jury punishment.

Federal Crimes
Federal crimes are those that break federal ordinances. They may include mail, bank and wire fraud, as well as federal property invasion, identity theft, counterfeiting, and some drug and white collar crimes.

Sex Crimes
Sex crime convictions include child pornography, rape, and indecent exposure. Sex crimes are taken very seriously by law enforcement and can have devastating results on your future. You may face jail or prison time, extended probation, and a mark on your permanent criminal record as a sex offender.

Theft Crimes
There are many crimes that are listed as criminal offenses. These relate to the taking of other's property or money and include but are not limited to, shoplifting, grand theft auto, fraud crimes, burglary, and identity theft. These crimes are common and can be violent crimes as well.

Violent Crimes
Violent crimes include a broad range of criminal acts including murder, manslaughter, rape, assault and battery, and robbery with weapons or threats. Violent crimes are acts of threat or execution of getting ones' way through a violent method.

White Collar Crimes
White collar crimes are not typically considered to be of a violent nature, but they are still taken very seriously. White collar crimes can result in severe monetary fines and include money laundering, fraud, public offenses, and depriving people of their property.

Receive Legal Help as Soon as Possible

No matter what criminal charge you are facing, we suggest that you complete a case evaluation to determine the level of defense we offer. It is important to take every precaution against conviction in order to salvage your future. There are many ways that we can defend you and our firm will be committed to investigating each and every claim made against you.

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